EJ Caimen

Not every company sounds cool on paper and not every company does work with super exciting “video-appropriate” visuals like gorgeous landscapes, food, or newborn kittens. But, every company has a story to tell and every company has something that sets them apart. That’s why we’re here – to help you find the little something that conveys your story through video in the most compelling way possible.

Since 1995, EJ Caimen has provided innovative, cutting edge shelving products and services to retailers nationwide (you might know them as the guys that create the labels and price stickers for major retail shops).

They came to us because they were stuck – they knew they had something special to offer their clients, they knew they were different than the other guys (they were cool, the new kids on the block), but something was missing and they didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was a video, something sexy that conveyed their brand and spiced up their homepage. “But what’s sexy about a label?” they said. We came up with the answer.

We set out to create a video that accomplished two goals: explain what EJ Caimen does, and show how they are different. But we knew we couldn’t just create something that shows what they offer in a “here are the products and services EJ Caimen provides, and aren’t they great” kind of way. That’s too standard. These are cool guys, and we really needed that to come across in the final product. So how did we do it?

Screenshot 2017-01-03 15.52.11.png

We flew a drone around the EJ Caimen warehouse to capture the creation of the labels and other products. We took the footage, cut it, and layered it with fun music and exciting visuals to create a tone that was super fun and edgy. This is how they were going to stand out in the market – not through a description of products and services, but in tone and style. The resulting video is a very dynamic, short piece that lives on their homepage, spices up the content, and shows what you can expect when working with EJ Caimen. We were thrilled to create a piece that shows these are the guys you want to work with.